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The world's last great unexplored market? Africa is on the very brink of stepping into the investment spotlight. With seven of the world's 10 fastest growing economies, vast natural resources, and an increasingly affluent population, it's a continent on the rise, where the lions are roaring.

Launched in 2010, our longest established fund gives you access to the dynamism and virtually unlimited growth potential of the entire continent, with fund manager Roberto Lampl drawing upon his long experience to pick winners from the Cape to Cairo. As Africa's rise gathers pace, this may be an opportunity that's simply too big to ignore . . .



of the world's 20 fastest growing economies


total stock market cap


countries wealthier than India (GDP per capita)


lives transformed through this fund

Fund Prices

NAV dateShareclass nameISINShareclass ccyPrice
Roberto LampiV2

For me, investment is not just a job - it's my vocation. By working at Alquity, I can not only add value for our clients but also make a positive difference to the communities that we invest in.

Roberto Lampl

Lead Portfolio Manager

More about Roberto Lampl

Meet The Manager

Roberto's been investing in emerging markets for the past 20 years, and his conviction for the growth and potential of the African continent - especially amongst its burgeoning middle class, remains strong. Read This Month's Market Commentary

Top 10

  1. Sanlam6.8%
  2. Brasseries du Maroc6.7%
  3. Label Vie5.3%
  4. Maroc Telecom4.4%
  5. Edita4.2%
  6. KAP Industrial Holdings3.8%
  7. Bid Corporation Limited3.8%
  8. Capitec Bank3.8%
  9. Firstrand3.7%
  10. SAH Lilas3.7%


  • South Africa 49.4%
  • Egypt 17.5%
  • Morocco 16.4%
  • Tunisia 7.3%
  • Senegal 3.7%
  • Nigeria 2.1%
  • Botswana 1.9%
  • Namibia 1.1%
  • Cash 0.8%


  • Food & Beverage 22.0%
  • Telecoms 11.2%
  • Insurance 8.7%
  • Consumer Services 8.6%
  • Capital Goods 8.0%
  • Materials 6.9%
  • Banks 6.8%
  • Retailing 6.3%
  • Diversified Financials 5.6%
  • Pharma 5.4%
  • Household Products 3.7%
  • Consumer Durables 3.5%
  • Software and Services 2.5%
  • Cash 0.8%

Transforming Lives to Build up economies

We believe in a world where everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed. So we share up to 25% of our fee revenue from our funds to give a leg up to people in the communities where we invest. We work with carefully selected partners across the African continent to empower people in their own communities, helping them to grow the economies that we invest in.

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