Transforming Lives

We believe in a world where everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed.

Lack of opportunity limits people’s ability to achieve their full potential. In its most extreme form, it can mean lack of access to the fundamental rights of adequate healthcare and education. It hampers economic growth and burdens societies for generations to come.

At Alquity we channel our donations into credible organisations delivering sustainable and transformational projects – to lift those living in extreme or relative poverty off the bottom rungs of the ladder and stimulate economic growth from the grass-roots up.

  • Family Livelihood Programmes, prioritising cooperatives which empower women by offering holistic support packages with demonstrable social and economic impact.
  • Formal education for young adults, prioritising projects that make education relevant and prepare young people for local employment markets. Typically this means keeping children in school for as long as possible so they can reach their potential.
  • Vocational training and business development, prioritising initiatives which improve the quality and efficiency of skills training, and which demonstrate an economic multiplier effect in the communities in which they operate.
  • SME start-up funding and investment, prioritising those which contribute positive social change within their communities and wider society.

Alquity Investment Management Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

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