June 30, 2017 on Asia Investments

Investment Process in Action: Asia

  As our Senior Analyst, Aaron Armstrong, returns from his most recent investment trip, he reports back on the findings from his visits within th...

By Aaron Armstrong

December 14, 2016 on Asia Future World Indian Subcontinent Investments Latin America

2016 Market Insights

  Over the course of 2016 our investment team gave us 12 market insights, stretching from Brazil to Burma, the Andes to Asia. Click below to read...

By Eve Black

October 20, 2016 on Asia Investments Regional Weeks

China Week 2016: What’s Inside the Fortune Cookie?

  Invented somewhere between San Francisco and Los Angeles, no western Chinese meal can end without the now ubiquitous fortune cookie. So far, we...

By Aaron Armstrong

October 19, 2016 on Asia Investments Regional Weeks

China Week 2016: From Noodles to Popcorn

  In 2005, scientists discovered a 4,000 year old bowl of noodles- the earliest example ever found. This quintessentially Chinese dish has been t...

By Aaron Armstrong

October 17, 2016 on Asia Investments Regional Weeks

China Week 2016: the Great Chinese Rebalancing Act

  Just like the gravity defying acrobats in the Chinese State Circus, the Chinese economy is performing a rebalancing act that requires a bold vi...

By Aaron Armstrong

October 10, 2016 on Asia Investments

Mid Term Verdict on Jokowi

  The final stop in his recent to Asia, Mike Sell (Head of Asian Investments) visits Indonesia and checks in on the prospects for growth in this ...

By Mike Sell

October 6, 2016 on Asia Investments

Three Days in Vietnam

  A visit to Vietnam gives Mike Sell, Head of Asian Investments, plenty to get his teeth into whilst staying in the country’s vibrant hubs of H...

By Mike Sell

September 28, 2016 on Asia Investments

The Philippines – the people have spoken

  After a meteoric rise from rank outsider to heavyweight contender in a matter of months, Rodrigo Duterte claimed a convincing election victory ...

By Mike Sell

August 3, 2016 on Asia Indian Subcontinent Investments

Time for an upgrade

  India’s economy has been running on the equivalent of Windows ’98, making for slow, inefficient bureaucracy and disincentives to trade and ...

By Aaron Armstrong

June 10, 2016 on Asia Indian Subcontinent Regional Weeks Sustainability Transforming Lives

Indian Week Blog: India – Alquity’s Spiritual Home

  India, as well as being home to 1.3bn people, is also the birthplace of one of the world’s major religions – Hinduism. At its core lies...

By Suresh Mistry