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Here to change investment, for good

For too long, investment has been about grabbing a quick profit, while giving nothing back. At Alquity, we're here to change that, for good.

Our mission is to transform how people invest, to achieve great returns while creating a better, fairer world for all.

How? By offering investment funds designed to achieve a Virtuous Circle that's in everyone's best interests...

Focusing on the next story, not the last one

Trusting our judgement, not benchmarks

The bigger picture, the longer view



Wherever we invest, we support local entrepreneurs in getting small businesses off the ground.


We believe everyone deserves an opportunity to succeed. But creating these opportunities doesn't just feel good - over time it's sure to have a positive effect on how our funds perform.


We work with fantastic partners, chosen by our Board of Trustees, to focus our giving where it can achieve most.

Lives transformed to date by Alquity

Alquity Funds

NAV date Shareclass name ISIN Shareclass ccy Price
02/09/2015 A LU0455925619 EUR 69.00
02/09/2015 A LU0455925619 USD 77.49
02/09/2015 A LU0455925700 GBP 83.51
02/09/2015 B LU0455925882 USD 74.43
02/09/2015 I LU0457369972 EUR 69.27
02/09/2015 I LU0457369972 USD 77.79
02/09/2015 I LU0457370475 GBP 73.60
02/09/2015 U2 LU0727491382 GBP 90.88
NAV date Shareclass name ISIN Shareclass ccy Price
02/09/2015 A LU1049766626 EUR 85.63
02/09/2015 A LU1049766626 GBP 62.89
02/09/2015 A LU1049766626 USD 96.17
02/09/2015 B LU1049766899 EUR 81.89
02/09/2015 B LU1049766899 GBP 60.14
02/09/2015 B LU1049766899 USD 91.97
02/09/2015 M LU1049767277 EUR 84.75
02/09/2015 M LU1049767277 GBP 62.24
02/09/2015 M LU1049767277 USD 95.18
02/09/2015 R LU1049766972 GBP 104.51
NAV date Shareclass name ISIN Shareclass ccy Price
02/09/2015 A LU1049767863 EUR 97.03
02/09/2015 A LU1049767863 GBP 71.26
02/09/2015 A LU1049767863 USD 108.97
02/09/2015 B LU1049767947 EUR 96.31
02/09/2015 B LU1049767947 GBP 70.73
02/09/2015 B LU1049767947 USD 108.16
02/09/2015 M LU1049768242 EUR 101.48
02/09/2015 M LU1049768242 GBP 74.53
02/09/2015 M LU1049768242 USD 113.97
02/09/2015 R LU1049768085 GBP 123.08
NAV date Shareclass name ISIN Shareclass ccy Price
02/09/2015 A LU1049765578 EUR 68.63
02/09/2015 A LU1049765578 GBP 50.40
02/09/2015 A LU1049765578 USD 77.07
02/09/2015 B LU1049765735 EUR 65.81
02/09/2015 B LU1049765735 GBP 48.33
02/09/2015 B LU1049765735 USD 73.91
02/09/2015 M LU1049766030 EUR 68.58
02/09/2015 M LU1049766030 GBP 50.36
02/09/2015 M LU1049766030 USD 77.02
02/09/2015 R LU1049765818 GBP 83.19
NAV date Shareclass name ISIN Shareclass ccy Price
02/09/2015 B LU1049769059 EUR 74.72
02/09/2015 B LU1049769059 GBP 54.87
02/09/2015 B LU1049769059 USD 83.91
02/09/2015 M LU1049769307 EUR 72.49
02/09/2015 M LU1049769307 GBP 53.24
02/09/2015 M LU1049769307 USD 81.41
02/09/2015 R LU1049769133 GBP 86.97
(End of day prices) Source: RBC

How to invest

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Investing for clients?

  1. Invest through any of the leading fund platforms and portfolio bond providers
  2. Invest directly - by setting up an account with us, and investing in any of our funds
  3. You might also be interested in becoming a signed distributor with Alquity
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Investing for yourself?

  1. Invest directly - our ISAs and direct investments are an easy way to access our funds
  2. Invest through an online platform - you may already use these for your other investments
  3. Invest through your own Independent Financial Adviser
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